2016 STO Conference & Annual General Meeting Agenda July 16, 2016

6:00am Tea in Zendo & Zazen (25x3)

7:30am Breakfast

8:30am Conference Opening and Workshops
Remarks by Taiun Roshi
Remarks by ASZC Representative
Announcement as to how to become a Full Voting Member and Supporting Member. Opportunity to join before afternoon sessions by paying annual $100 dues to Treasurer during a break.
Verbal announcement regarding workshop format and schedule.

9:00am Finance Committee Workshop, Nyoze Nat Brown

9:30am Communications Committee Workshop, Mitsugo Liz Lawlor
Including Newsletter, Digital Sangha, bulk mail use, Facebook, archives, etc.

10:00am Dharma Study Committee Workshop, Getsu, Roger Cochran
Including making Dharma Study audio available form Web site.

10:30am Retreat Committee Workshop, Tesshin James Smith

11:00am STO Web Committee, Kosetsu Randy Earl, Daishin Thomas Pongrate

11:30am Abbots Advisory Council Discussion and General Questions and Discussion, Tesshin James Smith & Zenku Jerry Smyers

Noon Lunch – Watershed, Retreat Center Update, Brian Price &
ASZC, STO Training Center Facilities Update

1:00pm STO Affiliation, Sangaku Dan Joslyn
Meaning for Individuals and Affiliates
STO / ASZC Coordination Discussion
STO of the Future / Where do we go from here?
Questions and Discussion

1:30pm Break & setting up for annual meeting

2:00pm STO 2016 Annual Meeting

Take Roll

Report on Active Membership List

Brief committee reports so that those not attending the morning session can be briefed.
Introduce current STO Board members. Explain office nominees. Enlist co-chairs with the advice and consent of the STO Board. Nominations for the BOD and officers discussion. Election with Members voting.

Old Business

STO Matsuoka Roshi Documentary Update,
By Chase Breedlove & Zenku

New Business


Presentation & Closing Remarks by Taiun Roshi

(Return to normal sesshin schedule)

6:00pm Informal Supper

7:00pm Dharma Talk

8:00pm Zazen (2x30)

9:00pm Tissarana Close