frustrated programmerMy dear, patient Sangha members,

You may have noticed the website has been down for the last couple of weeks. I'm afraid that after eight years of faithful service the old website code was so ancient that it finally was hacked in a way I could not repair (don't worry, the hack was only to get free server power, not a malicious attack targeting the STO). Sadly, I was not quite ready with the new site yet, but I had to go live with what I had. What you see here is a work in progress. Here is a quick summary of where we are now:

  • The new site is built on a modern, current (and thus more secure) codebase.
  • I have all the content and data from the old site.
  • Some of the content is already moved over, such as the Dharma Bytes, News, and some content pages.
  • However, a good many content pages are not migrated yet, but I will be working on them steadily.
  • The design is "spartan" at best (I'm no designer), but I will be tweaking it - but only a little, clean designs are becoming more common these days, for the following reason...
  • Importantly, the new design is "responsive" - it will work much better on phones and tablets (again, I will need to tweak it some).
  • There will be more bugs to work through, but we are on the downhill side now.

I thank you all for your near-infinite patience with the various and increasing bugs in the last few years. I'm especially grateful to those who have put up with clunky and problematic interfaces to publish content and newsletters - those should be much improved going forward.

I appreciate all the encouragement and support I receive regarding the website, and am gratified that we can use technology to support each other in our practice.

in gassho,

Kosetsu Randy



  • There will be more bugs to work through, but we're on the downhill side now.